Flower Catalog App

Project overview

The product: 

The Flower catalog app I have designed is a one stop catalog app which also provides e-commercial services for plants and flowers is ideal for business owners, housewives and, retired personals.

The problem:

Many apps today are either highly complicated in their design or are basic with no proper good user experience.

The goal:

The goal is to create a simple app which can be easily understood by elderly and people who are not that much involved with technology

My role:

Lead UX Designer for the Arsor.com website design.


Conducting Interviews, creating paper and digital wireframe, low fidelity and high fidelity prototyping, iterating on designs and responsive design.

User research


I thought in the beginning that only retired personals or bored housewives were interested in the flowers and planting, but to my surprise many young men were also interested in flowers and planting for their hobbies and also for business ideas.

Pain points: 

  1. Too many visual clutter in modern app design, want direct interaction between different pages of app or website, with clear information processing.
  2. Simple and boring catalog, like a static gallery with no interaction. Makes user lose interest in the experience

The design

Paper wireframes:

Digital wireframe:

Low-fidelity prototype:


High-fidelity prototype:

User research

About Me

I’m a computer science graduate with a creative twist, having spent the first six years of my career immersed in the world of graphic design. My journey then led me to the dynamic realm of UI/UX design, where I’ve found my true passion. I thrive on the intersection of technology and aesthetics, weaving user-centric experiences with a deep understanding of the digital landscape. With a strong foundation in both computer science and design, I bring a unique blend of problem-solving skills and an eye for detail to every project I undertake. My goal is to create intuitive, visually engaging interfaces that not only meet users’ needs but also exceed their expectations. I’m on a perpetual quest to learn, innovate, and transform pixels into meaningful, delightful experiences.

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Photography 85%

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