Project overview

The product: 

NutriFood is an Nutritional app that helps users with finding recipes to cook and also show them the nutritional values of ingredients to keep them track.

The problem:

There are recipe apps out there but there is not an app out there which is only for healthy recipes

The goal:

To create a healthy food recipe app which is enhanced with assistive technologies.

My role:

Lead UX Designer


Conducting Interviews, creating paper and digital wireframe, low fidelity and high fidelity prototyping, iterating on designs and responsive design.

User research


With the help of interviews I have conducted I was able to understand and fell user pain points and it immensely generate empathy maps. I also got to know that many people want to cook healthy food and eat, but there are not many apps that provide healthy recipes with enhanced assistive touch. 

Pain points: 

  1. Because of the cluttered arrangement of content, navigation among pages is a bit confusing and stressful.

  2. The apps and websites are not user engaging or user friendly.

The design

Paper wireframes:


Digital wireframe:


Low-fidelity prototype:



High-fidelity prototype:

User research

About Me

I’m a computer science graduate with a creative twist, having spent the first six years of my career immersed in the world of graphic design. My journey then led me to the dynamic realm of UI/UX design, where I’ve found my true passion. I thrive on the intersection of technology and aesthetics, weaving user-centric experiences with a deep understanding of the digital landscape. With a strong foundation in both computer science and design, I bring a unique blend of problem-solving skills and an eye for detail to every project I undertake. My goal is to create intuitive, visually engaging interfaces that not only meet users’ needs but also exceed their expectations. I’m on a perpetual quest to learn, innovate, and transform pixels into meaningful, delightful experiences.

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Photography 85%

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